MORDOR SOUNDS is a professional recording studio owned and operated by drummer, writer and producer Hannes Grossmann, located in the historical area of Nuremberg. Our credo is to bring "Mordor's drums, horns and axes" to life by using the best tools available. We focus on creating a big sound in an intimate setting.






Our 35 m² main recording room is the best fit for any drumset or other acoustic instrument, providing a  great room sound and lots of character. Moreover our vocal booth and (re-)amping room will satisfy any other needs you might have. Our great collection of microphones fit for any style and temper.



Get a crushing sound with the most modern audio tools.  This includes of course services like re-amping, editing or drum re-sampling. Hannes loves to tweak tones to perfection using both modern and old-school techniques.  Tons of sounds are waiting for you.  



The big task of a mastering engineer: to make your mix  appear fresh, balanced and - most important - equally good on any sound system. Hannes will make your sound fit for any format  or audio device. His professional and well-balanced working approach guarantees ear-friendly results.