STUDIO TIME: €250 a day


Our standart price is 250 € + tax a day.

- includes engineer

- 8 hours minimum working in the studio (recording, mixing, mastering)

+ 19 % tax

Recording: 250 € per Day

You just need a mix for your song or album using the tracks you recorded somewhere else? Nor problem! Feel free to send an email and tell about your project: 

MIX & MASTER: 250 € per Song (approx.)
Re-amping: $30 per song

You have recorded guitars and/or bass and are not satisfied with the sound? In case you have recorded the clean DI track, we can make the sound turn from mediocre into awesome. We just use the DI track and re-amp it! 

MUSIC PRODUCTION: Call for a Quote

Hannes Grossmann is an experienced writer and producer who has produced several albums. Hannes has a special ear on sound, arrangement, performance or arrangement. If you want to have his  artistic input on your music, you can contact him and tell about your project:

Hannes has played on many records in his career and does session work regularly.


In case you need a drummer for your project, feel free to get in touch. Hannes will get back to you and tell his terms & conditions in detail.

SESSION WORK: 300 € per Song