Recording Rooms



No matter if you wanna record a full length album or just a guitar solo: Mordor Sounds is open for everybody and to all styles. Our main recording room will provide a big sound for any drum set. In our vocal booth singers find a relaxed and intimite atmosphere to do take after take. Guitar/Bass amps & cabinets can be cranked up to a maximum level in our (re-)amping booth.


Mix & Master



So you recorded your instruments already - maybe even at home - and now you need help to make them sound great and balanced? No problem! Hannes Grossmann can work with any file you deliver. He can also restore your sounds if needed, or simply create a great mix from your perfect takes.   


Mics and Preamps


Using great microphones is the basis for any good sounding production. In MORDOR SOUNDS we rely on professional equipment by various brands and types, such as Neumann KM184, Neumann U87, Sennheiser 421 and 904/905 or the classic Shure SM57. Room sound is very important for us and we love to capture the stereo image of your natural sound with big condenser microphones.


But good mics will only capture the perfect tone when combined with perfect microphone preamps. This piece of analog gear is crucial to any recording chain. These are the preamps used at Mordor Sounds:

AMS Neve 1073 Dual Stereo Preamp + EQ

Avalon V5

Universal Audio 4-710D Twin-Finity

Warm Audio WA-412

Audient ASP 880

Studio Gear

Besides top-notch microphones - and Hannes' ears of course - there is other equipment we rely on in MORDOR. In terms of guitar equipment we offer different amps and cabinets. We rely on "physical" amps such as the famous MESA Dual Rectifier and the ENGL TUBE PREAMP E 530 + TUBE POWERAMP E 850/100 and ENGL 4x12 cabinet.

Another option for guitar and bass sounds offer our Fractal Audio Axe FX II XXL, with over 100 real guitar/bass amps and cabinets, such as Marshall JCM 800, JCM 2000, ENGL SAVAGE, Fender Twin Reverb, Diezel Herbert, Bogner Uberschall, Mesa Mark IV, Ampeg SVT 7 and many more.

Our main goal is to capture the sound of the band and its individual players. So we gladly capture YOUR sound! If you need help with defining your sound we're more than happy to help you.

About drums, Hannes only offers the best TAMA drum equipment on the market - Starclassic Bubinga Elite, which you can rent for free.

Being a professional drummer for more than 10 years, Hannes has only the best drum equpiment available. Hannes owns two studio kits:


- Tama Starclassic Bubinga Elite 

- Tama Superstar Custom


Hannes is exclusively endorsed by Mein Cymbals, Tama Drums, Evans Drumheads and Vic Firth drumsticks.

Drum Equipment